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Re: [opensuse] No Internet access after processor upgrade
On Sun, 18 Aug 2013 13:59:40 -0500
rm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I just upgraded the motherboard and processor to:
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 - motherboard
AMD FX -8120 Processor
Nvidia GeForce GT 610 Graphics card

I just went through a similar experience. I think there's a bug here,
but I did not report because (a) I won't be able to test a fix, and (b)
it is an unsupported configuration, so would probably be closed with

Let me describe what happened.

1: My desktop died - seems to be a power supply failure, but the box
was a lemon anyway.

2: I took the hard drive out, and installed in another computer
(intended as a replacement).

The system booted up fine to opensuse. However, I could not get
Internet. I could connect to the local router, but could not get out.

Does that sound familiar?

Manually adding a route with the "route" command fixed it. But
apparently, that would be needed at each boot (I could automate if

The system was configured to use "ifup" settings. I went through the
settings, and made sure that the ethernet card (device p5p1) was set to
be used, and all other devices were set to never be used. I went into
the Yast network device route settings, and made sure that the route
was added for the working ethernet device.

The only thing that ever worked was my manual "route add" command. The
standard network setup wanted to always run the default route through
the "eth0" device, which no longer existed.

So, again in Yast network settings, I told it to delete "eth0". And
that completely solved the problem. That also deleted the default
route that I had configured through device p5p1, which was fine since
the DHCP configured route was working. It seems that the Yast "ifup"
settings are confused by a non-existent device.

I hope this helps.

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