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Re: [opensuse] Slow file copying on openSUSE 12.3
On 2013-08-16 16:00 (GMT-0400) Greg Freemyer composed:

A 3 1/2 inch across drive with a 2 inch useful radius. Where do you
buy your drives? I need some of those!

Seriously, I'd say a desktop 3 1/2 inch drive only has about 1 inch of
useful radius. There's dead space in the middle that is about 1 inch
in diameter (1/2" radius) and at least an 1/4th of an inch dead at the
edge between the chassis / air / unused platter edge.

fyi: I don't have a dead / disassembled drive handy to actually
measure so I'm going from memory.

I always have platters from '3.5"' HDs laying about. :-) The one in hand actually measures just short of 3.75" across. The hole in the middle looks like 31/32". The width available for heads to to stroke is about 1.375" gross. So, usable width of the surface of an inch or a bit more would seem about right.
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