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Re: [opensuse] nmbd does not start at boot in openSUSE 12.2
John Andersen said the following on 08/05/2013 01:31 PM:
On 8/5/2013 5:26 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
Similarly unless there are other specific entries, systemd supports, in its
backward compatibility mode, entries from /etc/init.d that
haven't been converted. This is what you are seeing. I'm sure Cristian can
explain better. And yes its documented.
There isn't a specific smb unit, its part of the automatic generation of
entries (that remain to be converted) of /etc/init.d entries which I mentioned

systemctl -a| grep smb

However it does give you enough information to create a a custom smb.service
unit of your own in /etc/systemd/

Its not difficult and its not scary. You have plenty of other examples to show
you how its done.

So is this the plan for the foreseeable future, or merely a kludge for the
present so
as to not to have to totally rebuild OpenSuse and Yast?

Is auto-generation a sustainable mechanize?

Auto-generation of WHAT?

There seem tome to be a number of such 'auto-generators'.
There's certainly the one that builds the .mount items from the /etc/fstab and that works quite well.

This thread is about the one that tries to make use of the old /etc/init.d scripts that systemd is trying to replace. So why not catch up with Fedora and others and actually do that replacement?

The OP wanted a fix. We're not talking about rebuilding the distribution, we're talking about customizing his system.

Then, circling around to the original problem, that if smb or nmb failing to
does it make more sense to set up one's own smb.service than to fix the problem
the auto generation engine?

The problem with the scripts is that dependencies and sequencing were haphazard. Under systemd they are explicit. What gets started - or not - and in what order is made very clear. As I've mentioned, I've highly customized my DNS and I've found that I've had to very explicitly make Postfix, spamassassin and NTP dependent on DNS completing, and sometimes all the DNS tables (thank you Peter Lowe take a while to load.

So, which should come first, smbd or nmbd? Will they depend on winbindd?

It would seem that if opensuse is going to continue to use auto generation that
the wisest fix would be to fix that, rather than end-running the entire process.

I think you are so missing the point. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make here, but remember that systemd is a work in progress (and some if subscribe to [systemd-dev]); as Felix noted (Message-ID: <51FFCD7D.6070101@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2013 12:06:21 -0400)
Fedora 19 has converted the /etc/init.d scripts to system .service units. Perhaps he'll tell us about the dependencies there :-)

In my opinion, and I think there is a subtext in the documentation at the threads at that has led me to this, that the auto-generation of units based on scripts in /etc/init.d is a kludge pending the creation of proper unit files.

Please do not think that there is only the one auto-generator.
Try "man 8 systemd-fstab-generator"
There's a reference there to

The last item there says

Instead of heading off now and writing all kind of generators for legacy configuration file formats, please think twice! It's often a better idea to just deprecate old stuff instead of keeping it artificially alive.

and I think that applies in this case; its better to create proper smb.service and nmb.service as F19 has done that rely on a generator parsing /etc/init.d files.

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