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Re: [opensuse] Installing OpenSuSE 12.3 with text-to-speech during installation: I heard this was possible though I cannot find anything on the internet about it
On 08/02/2013 01:44 AM, Katherine Moss wrote:

A friend of mine who deals with linux all the time said that a friend of his
managed OpenSuSE installation with speech output, though he couldn't remember
the command for it. Do any of you guys by any chance? Thanks!

sorry, i am not completely clear on your specific question:

if it is: Is it possible to use text-to-speech (TTS) while installing openSUSE? then to the best of my knowledge, that capability is not built into the openSUSE installation process. If you would like to see it included i'd guess the best way to get that going would be via input to FATE at (if it is not already there...if it is there, just vote for it to be implemented...along with a few hundred of your close friends..)

otherwise, ask your friend's friend what he used (and was it really openSUSE--i guess it was Knoppix with TTS available during install, i think his wife needs it)

but if your question is: Can TTS software be added to openSUSE (once oS has been installed)? the answer is yes, there are several packages available...i believe one named 'festival' is easily installed using YaST or zypper from the standard openSUSE repos...and, there are MANY text-to-speech packages for linux of varying capabilities, and ease of use--Google know them all, i guess..

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