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Re: [opensuse] Installing OpenSuSE 12.3 with text-to-speech during installation: I heard this was possible though I cannot find anything on the internet about it

Dne Čt 1. srpna 2013 23:44:29, Katherine Moss napsal(a):
Hi all,
I'm emailing to ask if this is possible. My environment is as follows:
Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop
The installation will be performed via booting to a USB drive and then
allowing it to format the hard drive during installation I will install
Gnome and orca as my desktop environment (and either Speakup or YASR for
the terminals)

If You are installing from KDE/GNOME live CD/USB images, just the content of
the image is installed to the computer. So I'd suppose, You have to use net CD
or DVD images (it is possible to use them from USB stick). During installation
You can choose desktop environment and later You can customize software. It is
possible to add any other software, including any repository.

A friend of mine who deals with linux all the time said that a friend of his
managed OpenSuSE installation with speech output, though he couldn't
remember the command for it. Do any of you guys by any chance? Thanks!

Good luck,

Katherine moss 13
Gordon College,
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Vojtěch Zeisek

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