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Re: [opensuse] Expand user's encrypted home image file
On Saturday, July 27, 2013 10:18:15 AM Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:
Am Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013, 01:23:34 schrieb Marco Vittorini Orgeas:
Is a well know scenario in the openSUSE community with the procedure known
as bug free?

You should always have backups! And do not forget to test the backup before
you enlarge your home. There is no bug free software. Or hardware. Power may
fail while resizing, your kernel may crash...

Of course, I will have backup of the relevant LOGIN.img and LOGIN.key files
*before* starting the yast re-sizing procedure.
Moreover, in this case with the openSUSE approach backing up is piece of
cake, as you have to deal with just 2 files opposed to the works of dd/tar
an entire physical partition.

Gave the situation I'm worrying about how it will re-size the file to
accommodate the new size?
I guess by creating a new image file with the new size encrypted with the
same key, and then copying all the "old" image file contents, eventually
deleting the "old" one at the end?

I do not know. However, the documentation says:
| The advantage of encrypted container files over encrypted partitions is
| that they can be added without repartitioning the hard disk. They are
| mounted with the help of a loop device and behave just like normal
| partitions.

I would expect that resizing the encrypted cointainer file is as easy as
unmounting the container, adding some extra bytes to the end of the image
file, remounting the container and resizing the filesystem. If so, there is
no need for an extra image file while resizing.

I would be relieved knowing that would be the case.Also in that case I should
be doing the procedure with root as the image file as to be unmounted,
shouldn't I?

Still in any case my (original) problem here is knowing *for sure*
which approach is employed: a copy + delete requires twice the currently
LOGIN.img size physical space.My LOGIN.img is currently too big to permit that
and I have no time to cherry-picking to save space.Still I do need space.

I am not trying the procedure because I'd like to know beforehand if the
thing will succeed or not, saving myself any surprises and extra work,
because of lacking of time.

At this point I guess I would be more lucky if I cross post this to the dev
mailing list, hoping someone there could shed some light over the issue?

Thanks again.

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