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Re: [opensuse] Question, re hdd size for kernel 2.6.38

On Sat, 20 Jul 2013, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
After noticing:
Jul 19 00:19:32 wahoo smartd[5815]: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], FAILED SMART
self-check. BACK UP DATA NOW!
Jul 19 00:19:33 wahoo smartd[5815]: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], Failed SMART
usage Attribute: 5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct.

Oy! I use to phase out disks after they develop even 1-5 errors (i.e.
use them only for cache etc. until they're too small anyway)

I am considering replacing the hdd with a Seagate SATA3 4TB. Will suse kernel
2.6.38 recognize > 2TB.

Yes. You should use a GPT though[1]. Just use 'gdisk' instead of 'fdisk'.
As long as you don't want to boot from that disk, you need not to


[1] you _must_ once the disk is 4 TiB though. You can massage the MBR
for a 2 TiB-1Sector partition + a 2^32-x sector long partition,
but I advise against that. Use GPT. Unless you boot from it or
Winders is involved, it's absolutely no hassle. That comes with
UEFI, Winders and the usual crap involved.

"I guess some Ba'als are bigger than others." -- Vala, SG-1 10x04
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