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Re: [opensuse] 64 bit vs 32 bit RAM consumption [summary]
Andrey Borzenkov said the following on 07/24/2013 12:43 PM:
if you are using 32 bit system
you can lose as much as (or even over) 1G of your memory.

Gee WOW! I never realised!

That means this office full of machines with only 1G of memory that I've almost finished upgrading to 12.3[1], and are all the old but not yet assigned to the Closet of Anxieties crappy old 800 Mhz machines - 32-but intel i686 that report

CPU MHz: 801.808
BogoMIPS: 1603.61

and run basic office applications, T'bird, FF, open office under XFCE
must all be doing something different. I've had a couple run in half a G of memory back in the 11.4 days, but if they ran more than just T'bird they thrashed.

My belief was that the kernel 'sized' memory at start up and created mapping table proportionately.

I have no doubt that there is some fixed amount of memory that the kernel needs to deal with the hardware, it cant be 1G.

[1] And the reaction to upgrading to 12.3 is generally "Wow, its much faster now. What did you do?"
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