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Re: [opensuse] 64 bit vs 32 bit RAM consumption [summary]
On 2013-07-24 09:57 (GMT+0200) Hans Witvliet composed:

If you have 4GB or more installed, just go for a 64-bit OS.

That's not what I get from this thread and shared by Anton. What I get is strongly prefer 64 bit if _more than_ 4GB. If 2GB or 3GB or 4GB, then use for video editing or other large file manipulation, or serving, or selected other activity indicates preference for 64 bit, else, 32 bit should in most cases be the better choice. If less than 2GB, probably best off with 32, as likely not using apps that would benefit from its additional power, while losing some available RAM due to greater need by 64 in certain situations.

Personally, i use mostly use 32bit. Also because i have also to deal
with much older hardware.

Same here. I only installed 64 bit for the first time on any of my own less than a year ago when I upgraded 4 machines from P4s to Core2Duos from eBay. For working with HD video, the C2Ds made a big difference, but how much is from the better CPUs and how much from using 64 bit instead of 32 I've already forgotten, if I ever figured it out.
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