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Re: [opensuse] 64 bit vs 32 bit RAM consumption
Anton Aylward wrote:
If I have the 'Class C subnet' x.y.19.0..255
and Bob in the next township[1] has x.y.20.0..255
then when I'm auto-assigning addresses and get to x.y.19.225 and auto-increment do I end up with an address in a different subnet or no?

The only time that's a factor is when deciding whether an address is on the local network or elsewhere. The application doesn't know, nor does TCP or UDP. It's only when you get to the IP layer that it becomes a factor. The IP layer then looks at the address & subnet mask and either handles the locally or sends it off to the router. Of course, when sent locally, you have to worry about the 48 bit MAC address, which will fit in a 64 bit register, but not 32. When using the subnet mask to determine if local or not, you have to do 32 bit (IPv4) or 128 bit (IPv6) logical operations to decide.

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