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Re: [opensuse] 64 bit vs 32 bit RAM consumption
James Knott said the following on 07/23/2013 04:37 PM:
Anton Aylward wrote:
Yes, 64-bit math will be faster, that is math involving integers
greater than 2^32. How often do we do that?

Well, IPv6 addresses are 128 bits. That's 2 words on a 64 bit CPU and 4
on a 32 bit.

Yes but both IPv4 and IPv6 have what amounts to segmented address spaces.

Look at it this way (IPv4 example)

If I have the 'Class C subnet' x.y.19.0..255
and Bob in the next township[1] has x.y.20.0..255
then when I'm auto-assigning addresses and get to x.y.19.225 and auto-increment do I end up with an address in a different subnet or no?

Some things you don't do arithmetic on.

[1] The joke is that James is - minus the city amalgamation that abolished all the village and townships - just a couple over from me.
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