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Re: [opensuse] Hopefully, a non-biased question.....................
On 7/16/2013 8:08 PM, Duaine Hechler wrote:
I am currently working with a guy that is interested in switching to Linux
from Winbloze.

Since most of my experience is with KDE, I thought I would suggest openSUSE
or Mint (with KDE).

For a new user, what would be the "better" and/or more "stable" distro ?

TIA, Duaine

From my experience it would be a choice of OpenSuse or Kubuntu.

I'd go with what ever YOU are familiar with, since you will end up mentoring
this new guy.

There are 2 drawback to OpenSuse:

1) OS still clings to the broken multimedia crutch, and you need to clue him in
about adding
another third party repository (Packman) which means immediately teaching bad
habits of going
away from an official repository and using something that OS's own page
prefixes with scary language
and admonitions. Failure to use Packman means (Still in this day and age)
broken multimedia.

2) Long Term Releases in OS (evergreen) is still less than fully embraced by OS
itself, and relies on community
support, and you have to start Evergreen back-leveled out of the gate (most
current is 11.4) or you have
start with an official release then switch to evergreen as official support is
dropped. Its probably
a bit much for a new user. (I say this meaning no disrespect to the Evergreen

With Kubuntu,
1) You can click one option at install time and it goes and finds everything
you need for a complete
and competent multimedia system. No scary language.

2) You can start with the latest LTE release and expect it to be maintained for
at least 5 years.

I've found that new users to Linux are baffled by this need to essentially do a
major upgrade every
18 months (or what ever it is these days). After 5 years my Wife's Kubuntu
finally nagged her to
click that single button to upgrade to the next Long Term Release, and it was

3) Kubuntu configuration seems limited and locked down by comparison to Yast,
but on the other
hand new users don't need to do that much other than install packages of

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