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Re: [opensuse] Live USB question: OpenSuSE 12.3 on an Old Toshiba laptop
On 7/16/2013 12:27 PM, Katherine Moss wrote:
Hey there,
I just have a quick question. Well, actually two. My first thing is that I
have this older Toshiba Laptop with a dead hard drive and dead clock battery
(I want to replace both eventually) but I'm not sure about the rest of it's
internals. I'd like to use OpenSuSE 12.3 to test it out on a live USB. Will
this work with 512 MB of RAM (what is available on the machine, but not the
machine's limit) and a 2.0 ghz processor? (It might actually be 1.7, though
I'm not sure.) The computer was built in CA. 2005, so do you folks from your
experience think that I can use the latest OpenSuSE for this? (the laptop
will run Windows 7 for a comparative reference.) Thanks.
My next question is as follows. I couldn't get the SuSE studio image writer
to write the image, and upon realizing that all that it does is extract the
ISO file, I decided to go the manual route and extract it to the drive via
7Zip. Is this enough to make the drive bootable? And then lastly, since
I've never used a live environment before, how can I set up the environment
so that all it does is boots and loads rather than tried to install on the
hard drive? You say on the site "suitable for installation". I'm not trying
to install it on the hard drive, I'm trying to run it from the USB drive to
test out audio and networking. Thanks. And also, does the gnome live
environment come with Orca? Thanks!

You've got a memory challenged computer with no hard drive.
You might get a USB install to work, but it would be a lot easier to start with
Damn Small Linux.

But why?

Depending on the vintage the drive will be either ide (ata) or Sata and cost
from $27 op to 85 bucks.
(Sata, is newer and cheaper than the older IDE which is getting hard to find).
The battery is like $3. You can't even give it away as is, so either junk it
or cough up
for a new cheap drive and get a little more use out of the old beast.

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