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Re: [opensuse] shell script help
On 2013-07-08 13:33 (GMT-0400) Anton Aylward composed:

You're not an American are you?

100% second generation of 100% western European ancestry. I read and speak only English.

You call the ground floor of a building the ground floor, not the first floor.

Around here, relatively few buildings have more than one floor level. The water table here is so high that basements or other floors below surrounding elevation are extraordinarily rare. If I had a building with 13 floors, none of which below a uniform surrounding elevation, the bottom of the stack would be #1, regardless of its actual elevation, and the top floor would be #13. Why any elevators for buildings with any floor(s) below surrounding uniform elevation have both G and 1 buttons escapes me. I have seen elevators in buildings in other areas with below ground floor levels with buttons labeled e.g. B1, L2, or S3, etc. I have not been around enough buildings with non-uniform surrounding elevation to know what floor naming is common or makes good sense. I would still call the lowest floor #1 if little or none of it was below lowest surrounding elevation.

Does any of this really have anything to do with $SUBJECT?
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