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Re: [opensuse] Problem with MGA Video
On Mon, 1 Jul 2013 22:26:33 -0600
Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:

On Mon, 1 Jul 2013, Felix Miata wrote:

On 2013-07-01 21:47 (GMT-0600) Boyd Lynn Gerber composed:

OK, but I was thinking more of what is in F5: noacpi (plus
nomodeset) or even
Safe Mode.

Even Safe mode does not work. One some machines with 12.3 I have
had to add

video=1024x768 and vga=0x317 Does not work on this system.

Easiest fix might be if you have a video card you can stick in it
long enough to get xf86-video-mga-1.6.2-2.4.1 installed.
Alternatively, boot something older than 12.2 and chroot to install

package xf86-video-mga-1.6.2-2.4.1.x86_64 is already installed

But I still have the problem.

This server board comes with 'dual-video mode' enabled by default in
the BIOS. If you disable this mode, the on-board graphics controller
that is giving you trouble will be disabled when you install a better
supported graphics card -- something really minimal and cheap but well
supported -- just long enough to get the installation and all the
updates done. Then you pull the cheap card out and run it headless,
like any other server.
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