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Re: [opensuse] databases and partitions
Greg Freemyer said the following on 07/01/2013 04:25 PM:
I'm guessing your samba guy thinks of the global DNS system as a
database you your local master records as the part of that you
maintain and thus your partition of the overall global database.

If it quacks like a database and walks like a database and responds to queries like a database ... well it could be my auntie Edith.

There are a few competing "conceptual models" as to what software really is ...

-- everything is a database
... for various interpretations of 'database'
-- everything is a parser/compiler
... for various interpretations of the input stream
(recall lex/yacc as the 'swiss army knife')
-- everything is a scheduler/dispatcher
... or its variant "an OS" 'cos it does resource management too

I'm sure you can fit just about anything in any category you want if you squint and chop off the bits that don't quite fit :-)

"If my aunt had ..." ... you fill in the rest.

How long did the whining go on when KDE2 went on KDE3?

The only universal constant is change. If a species can not adapt it
goes extinct. That's the law of the universe, adapt or die.
-- Billie Walsh, May 18 2013
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