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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird and IMAP folders
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On 29/06/13 19:41, John Andersen wrote:
On 6/29/2013 5:20 AM, Bob Williams wrote:
My ISP recently had a hardware failure of the machine my messages
are stored on. They have rebuilt it from backup, but now
Thunderbird shows everything in my Inbox, whereas before my
extensive set of filters would divert messages into separate
folders. The folder hierarchy was under the ISP account, not
Local Folders. I do not have Serverside folders with this

I presume I'll have to recreate the original folder structure. I
know the usual mantra is "Why not try it?", but I don't want to
mess things further if the ISP will eventually restore my folder



Thunderbird's handling of Imap has always been suspect if you ask
me. I have several Imap accounts where Thunderbird simply refuses
to honor IDLED capabilities of the surver, and stops checking

Check with your ISP and ask them if they are done. If not, I'd
hold out a few days.

In Thunderbird, periodically select the account name line in the
list of accounts, then select Advanced Features, Manage Folders
Subscriptions and hit the refresh button to see if your server-side
folders reappear.

If they say that WYSIWYG, and they don't intend to try to recover
your folders, (first find a new ISP), then go ahead and re-create
your directory structures. Use the same exact names as before and
your filters should work again.

Side note:-------------------

Many thanks for your lucid and helpful explanation. My folders have
all reappeared, so I was probably not being patient enough. They
appeared in the account's right click menu under Subscribe.

So if your ISP supports Sieve, you might want to consider
converting your filters to ServerSide filters.

They don't support Sieve, so that's not an option.

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Bob Williams
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