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Re: [opensuse] intel HD Graphics 4600 and such
On 19/06/13 11:02, C wrote:
On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 11:42 AM, Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
We are putting together some new systems that should run openSUSE 12.1
and newer. (EOL on 12.1 I know...) Typically we have used Nvidia
graphics cards. ATI are not popular here. Many of the systems we are
considering use intel CPUs that include graphics hardware. Such as intel
HD Graphics 4600 (on the intel Core i7 4770).

So we thought we should investigate the status of this hardware. I
started with but that is very much out
of date. Perhaps there is a better place with this information?

We are not doing games. But we do use X's shared memory interface to
show images as fast as possible. KDE does have it's bits that benefit
from 3D hardware.

Is anyone using intel graphics like this? Any stories / experiences /
cautions to share?

I've got one computer right now with an Intel 4000 video card, and
it's fine with openSUSE. I haven't tested your specific use case -
showing images as fast as possible... I'm not sure what you are trying
to describe there.

What I can say about it is, that the Intel cards work fine. They are
the easiest to use with Linux in general because the drivers are built
into the default install. There is no post-install fiddling that I
have had to do.

Performance-wise the 4000 series video cards actually do quite well.
They are definitely not a high-end gaming class card, but for desktop,
I've noted absolutely no issues at all. KDE4 operates as I expect it
to - default settings all left on (including the default desktop

Of course, you should try out one system for your particular use-case,
but I'm guessing that if the rest of the hardware is reasonable (an i3
or better and 4GB RAM). you will be satisfied with the Intel video.

openSUSE 12.3 x86_64, KDE 4.10
+1 here with Intel i3 intel HD2000/3000 chip and 8gb ram.

Works out of the box with KDE4 on 12.3, likewise not clear to me what Roger's use case may be.

I assume the 4000 series is better than the one I have, but in general terms I agree that the Intel chips should be more than fine on openSUSE.

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