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[opensuse] Re: ssytemd vs. the user -- always the user's fault
Cristian Rodr�������������������������������� wrote:
El 17/06/13 18:09, Bruce Ferrell escribi�:

/usr/bin/systemadm: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/
undefined symbol: g_type_get_type_registration_serial

You are running an incompatible version of glib
They are not running glib. It is a library, not a program.
It is installed by SuSE installers. It isn't something that users
usually install -- so he isn't running anything. SuSE has installed
the wrong library -- and when systemadm was installed it didn't tell
the installer it's specific requirements. Sounds like a systemadm bug
to me.

, as it doesn't have
symbol versioning, the package manager cannot warn you that upgrading it will cause other packages to fail at startup, yes it is broken, no, it has nothing to do with systemadm.
The fact that systemadm uses a broken library of course, is
not a design decision, and the fact that systemadm cannot use multiple
versions and dynamically load the one the user has and can't adapt it's
feature set to the libraries on the user's system, has nothing to do
with the's always the user's fault.

Software was supposed to adapt to the user -- not the other way around.

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