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Re: [opensuse] ssytemd and openSUSE
On 17/06/13 19:54, John Andersen wrote:
> Its odd you are having so much problems with that card since my much older and less capable
> x1400 series laptop card seems to work quite well.
> I had several issues initially but I found (and posted) that obtaining a newer xorg
> seemed to fix all my issues except one.
> See
> The only remaining issue is if desktop effects is on, sound can become very "stuttery"
> but simply not using so much bling solves that problem. This is due solely to Mesa
> I believe.

The problem occurs regardless of whether I have desktop effects / compositing enabled. And since the problem has existed through the last 5 or 6 versions of openSUSE I cannot imagine using the latest xorg will make any difference.

Thanks for responding though. Given the post history on this list of recent days it seems that unless I make some reference to and have a heated philosophical debate about the merits or otherwise of systemd then nobody is going to pay a blind bit of notice or be motivated to reply.

I just experienced this problem at the earliest stage ever, causing consistent pauses and hangs in typing my password at the KDM login screen. Unfortunately I had another two failed boots after that trying with nomodeset so I didn't save the log file, not that posting such a thing seems to inspire anybody to investigate further anyway.

Oh well, looks like this laptop will sooner rather than later be destined for the mid-Pacific waste mountain where it can happily pollute a few thousand fish and embed plastics in the seabed with a half-life of a few million years.

But don't anybody at openSUSE feel guilty though for not fixing this issue over the last 4 years I've been calling for help.
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