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Re: [opensuse] RE: Stability of systemd
On 6/17/2013 7:19 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
Andreas said the following on 06/17/2013 06:49 AM:

As dependencies it altered a couple of other packages, e.g. thunderbird.
YAST removed some fonts aswell.

The next reboot stopped in an error message from grub2.

At my level of knowledge the system was bricked. :(

I've had that happen when grub(2) requires a font which it can't find.

So what was your error message from grub2?

It sounds like this isn't a systemd problem but a packaging/dependency
problem -- of which we've seen many in our time :-(

Raising yet another idiocy that was shoved in because...I really have no idea... why the FFFF does a bootloader require a font????

Oh I know how it's used, I didn't ask what it's used for, I mean why is it *required*?

I also know that it's *not* technically required by grub2 but just by the config that someone wrote for it. grub2 doesn't require any font. But if you write a config that says to load a font, then you need that font, and it needs to be exactly where the config said to look for it. Since grub2 does not proceed from such an unnecessary error when it could, I call that a misfeature that you just shouldn't use.

The problem isn't that packaging or grub-update scripts somewhere failed to provide a font, it's that something like a bootloader even requires something so unnecessary in the first place.

Actually, in a sense, grub2 did "proceed" from whatever his problem was, in that it fell back to a grub prompt that worked fine without that font (proving that no font is needed really), and probably could have been used to boot the system. But it wasn't exactly useful, where a plain text menu would have been.

Essentially, opensuse developers have deliberately chosen to "brick" x% of systems unnecessarily so that the other 99% can have a prettier boot.

We don't know that a font was his problem in this case, it could have been anything. But it is a problem that exists as you say. I have hit it myself trying to get a config working again after moving grub & boot files to a different physical drive. Ubuntu in that case, and fixing grub2 config to get it working again was 35x harder than the equivalent grub config. It was not "no worse, just different, you just can't handle change".

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