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Re: [opensuse] RE: Stability of systemd
Per Jessen said the following on 06/16/2013 08:30 AM:
Anton Aylward wrote:

That's not a show-stopper.
"The Rest Of Us" who don't put in-line comments in the config files
never saw that. And putting comments on separate lines is what
appears in most files.

So probabilistically, systemd will work. :-)

Probability has nothing to do with it!
Either it works unmodified, works with changes to config to suite the context, or its a fringe case where it doesn't work.

The latter case might revert to the second with Cristian's kind attention.

As Crisitan pointed out, it arises, like my own problems that he
gently corrected me on, from not paying enough attention to the

And insufficient testing, both by developers and testers.

Since the RTFM cases cannot be called 'insufficient testing' and since, as a subscriber to [systemd-devel] I see a lot of hammering at obscure problems and fringe cases -- things that we don't see reported here -- and responses which clarify mattes, I think that is a most unjustified comment.

I absolute terms all software would benefit from more testing, fringe cases, off configuration settings , but systemd has fewer dependencies than many other applications and has been deliberately designed to 'fail soft'.

I just with its like were available for some of the Big Machines I encounter!

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