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[opensuse] Do I have a rpm database corruption (OpenSUSE 12.3) (noobish)
I have a fully patched [1] installation of OpenSuse 12.3. It was a
clean install on a reformatted partition.

For some time now (sorry, I have no record of when it started, or what
happened to cause it), when doing "zypper up" I get messages such as:
Installation of libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.1-45.3 failed:
(with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed:
error: db4 error(-30986) from dbcursor->c_get: DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND:
Requested page not found error: error(-30986) getting
"Development/Debug" records from Group index error:
libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.1-45.3.x86_64: install failed
error: libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.1-45.2.x86_64: erase
skipped error: libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.1-45.1.x86_64:
erase skipped error:
libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.0-44.2.x86_64: erase skipped
error: libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.0-44.1.x86_64: erase
skipped error: libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.0-41.1.x86_64:
erase skipped error:
libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.0-40.4.x86_64: erase skipped
error: libqmmp0-plugin-mplayer-debuginfo-0.7.0-40.3.x86_64: erase

Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i] (a):

I ignore and continue and eventually the command finishes. The
failures only appear to occur with debuginfo packages. The rest of the
updates appear to install and run correctly.

I am guessing that part of my rpm database has become corrupt.
Can I reconstruct the database, or a part of it?
(I have had a look at the rpm documentation, but it is beyond my
understanding, so a link to a basic / tutorial example, or some
**simple to follow** instructions would be greatly appreciated!!

With thanks,

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