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Re: [opensuse] Systemd kills text terminals
On 2013-06-12 06:08 (GMT+0200) Carlos E. R. composed:

On 2013-06-12 04:20, Felix Miata wrote:

Initial openSUSE releases using systemd were putting X on tty1.
Maybe console=tty1 is an obsolete workaround found prior to
restoration of X to tty7. Some other distros are still putting X on
tty1 if booting directly to X, but on tty7 if loading X after
logging in on a tty, musical chairs systemd style. :-p

I don't want it on VT7, because then the graphical session goes to
VT8. It might be interesting on VT11, though, but VT1 is about fine.

What don't you want on VT7? That's where XDM/GDM/KDM goes unless configured to goto VT1. On all my 12.3 systems, boot messages are on VT1, and KDM is on VT7 (when its running). I don't see anything on VT8 unless there's already an Xorg session capturing VT7, or I'm booted to Mageia, where X can wind up on any of VT[1-10] depending on whether X was already started before logging in on a VT and which VTs are hosting sessions.
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