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[opensuse] purging old kernels
I've just run into the problem of my /boot partition filling up due to multiple kernel versions, but I don't understand how to resolve it.

As with all my openSUSE installations of the last few years I allotted only about 125MB to /boot having previously read that that was more than sufficient, and I've never seen any official recommendation to the contrary, but some googling now shows me that the kernel multiversioning will likely require a fair bit more space than that, which I cannot do easily given the partioning layout.

I looked at the notes on this page:
and thought of removing the 'latest-1' element from the line 'multiversion.kernels = ' since my currently installed kernel seems to be okay. After a reboot nothing is removed from /boot. The above section in zypp.conf talks about creating a directory for multiversion definitions, but I don't know if the example file it shows can really be named 'example' or something else, and don't wish to try in case I cannot reboot. So I tried commenting out the 'multiversion = provides:multiversion(kernel)' line above that. Again, a reboot makes no difference. It seems to suggest that a change would only be applied after a kernel update, but that could take months, besides which the partition is already 100% full so a new kernel likely won't install successfully anyway. How can I purge at least one older kernel (there are currently 3) directly? There's no facility in YaST software management. I could merely remove some files in /boot that wouldn't touch other files related to those kernels and is surely not a good idea. What is the proper way to go about this?

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