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[opensuse] Re: renaming a network dev w/udevadm from command line?
Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
� Mon, 03 Jun 2013 00:16:52 -0700
Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx> �����:

Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
Current upstream udev does not attempt to work around "need to be
moved out of the way" so this will not work reliably. Use name space
that does not clash with internal kernel one, like "netXXX". That is
guaranteed to work.
How does udev rename them? Can't I invoke the method that udev uses to
rename them when it works or are you saying some new udev doesn't have this?

ioctl(sk, SIOCSIFNAME, &ifr);

That is exactly what "ip link set name" does.

I was under the understanding that we were not going to have to rename our

How do I get the consistent and same names I had before?

You gave zero information about openSUSE version you are running, which
makes it rather hard to even guess the answer.
Hmmm... ip link set name seems to work to rename an interface.

Is that new?

I.e. why has there been a need for rules in /etc/udev/70-...
if it could be done via script w/ip link set name?

Or is that new to some specific version of udev?

I am somewhere beyond 12.3 with updates from factory installed.

I'm still working on getting a stable boot back since I left 12.1...*sigh*.
(not that doing so, is the only thing on my plate... -- before yesterday my
last reboot was 21 days I'm not real focused on it -- too many other
things to do...

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