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Re: [opensuse] Nepomuk - The Opposite Question
On 6/2/2013 1:36 PM, šumski wrote:
On Saturday 01 of June 2013 14:56:42 John Andersen wrote:
If I step to my Documents directory which is indexed by nepomuk
it will work, even tho the words I am searching lie somewhere else
(not in my user directory at all).

Jeeze this is obtuse....

When selecting Content + Everywhere, why should it matter where you start?

Are you going to find the bug report or should I?

I can't reproduce this (with current master though) ->
going to ~/Src (which is not set to be indexed) dir, search "plasma" by
content everywhere returns results from whole $HOME.
There is another bug though, at least here, if i try your steps, then are
indeed results only from indexed dirs shown. This seems to be caused
by that if the dir is indexed, then the search is performed with
kio_nepomuksearch (which searches through inxeded dirs only), if not, then
searches with kio_filenamesearch (which searches either current dir, or

That is pretty close to what I am seeing, the CONTENT From EVERYWHERE defaults
to your
home directory tree UNLESS Unison is starting from an indexed folder (such as

You seem to be replicating it just fine.

I think there should be an explicit button to Search Indexed Files that
triggers nepomuk
(and that option should only appear when nepomuk is installed and running. )

Having to know some secret trick of start in a certain place is less obvious
than another button.

Here means the current directory
Everywhere means your home directory

But if you start from and indexed directory things work totally differently in
a way
that makes nepomuk less useful. No wonder the nepomuk adoption rate is so

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