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Re: [opensuse] Nepomuk - The Opposite Question
On 6/2/2013 5:59 AM, Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:
Am Samstag, 1. Juni 2013, 14:56:42 schrieb John Andersen:
You can select CONTENT and From Everywhere
IFF you are in a folder that is indexed by Nepomuk.

You are right, the "everywhere" works fine, too.

Jeeze this is obtuse....


When selecting Content + Everywhere, why should it matter where you start?

Good question. The "everywhere" is a lie, though, if nepomuk is used and
there are folders not indexed. Even the "from here" is misleading if there
is any subfolder not indexed.
Using the same interface for normal file search and nepomuk search will
always be a compromise, I fear.

Are you going to find the bug report or should I?

Hehe, it seems that there was a big discussion about this and I, personally,
would not like to start it again:


Well I filed a new bug report on this because all of the others
(there are several) sort of miss the case where nepomuk is running
and you want to find content of indexed directories.

Search Content really has THREE choices (Here/Everywhere/Indexed) but the
Dolphin maintainers
are resistant to putting in another Choice button (indexed locations) and
instead they are forcing
users to know the "Trick" of selecting any indexed directory.

Until Nepomuk becomes commonly installed and used, I suspect they will not put
in this
choice. But until there are easy ways to use the Nepomuk indexed content
search Nepomuk
will not be commonly installed.

So these two development groups have built themselves a catch 22.

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