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Re: [opensuse] Root and boot partitions on a sw raid volume (opensuse 12.2 - 12.3 rc1 64bit)
I'm running oS 12.2 on a small server at home with the Adaptec HostRaid
(fake RAID) adapter that's onboard the SuperMicro PDSMI+ motherboard,
with two Seagate SATA drives in RAID1. Is there any way to test this
without unplugging one of the drives and forcing the array into recovery


Per Jessen 03/21/13 2:05 PM >>>
jjletho wrote:

I have just tested OpenSuse 12.3 final release and it exhibits the
same behavior.

I've done several tests and analysis and i guess there are, in my
opinion, two distinct but interconnected problem which i'm going to
summarize here:

-Opensuse 12.3 final.
-Installation through yast
-partition layout (implemented through yast during the installation):

/boot -> /dev/md0 (raid1) -> sda1, sdb1
swap -> /dev/md1 (raid1) -> sda2,sdb2
/ -> logvol1 -> volgroup1 -> /dev/md2 -> sda3,sdb3
/home -> logvol2 ->volgroup1 -> /dev/md2 -> sda3,sdb3
/tmp -> logvol3 -> volgroup1 -> /dev/md2 -> sda3,sdb3
/var -> logvol4 -> volgroup1 -> /dev/md2 -> sda3,sdb3
sda4,sdb4 unformatted

Bootloader Grub2 -> MBR

By this way i obtain an unbootable system with at least two major

1) grub2 is installed only on the first disk

That must be a bug, please report it.

2) /dev/md0 (which is mounted as /boot) is not correctly initialized
and, at first reboot, only /dev/sdb1 is active part of the raid

sda1 is not even part of the config? Your array is running degraded?
I'm asking because it takes very specific commands to set up a RAID1
with only _one_ drive.

The system is not bootable because grub expects to find its files and
the kernel on /dev/sda1 which is empty.


I recovered from this situation booting from the recovery cd and
issuing this command to hotadd /dev/sda1 to /dev/md0.

Sounds good.

I waited until the synchronization was completed and then
the system was able to boot

Note that /dev/sda1 was already initialized as part of /dev/md0 but
not synced by yast installer

Yast doesn't do any sync'ing, that's handled by the MD software. What
was the status of sda1 before you hotadd'ed it? Did you have to remove
it first?

In the case /dev/sda is failed the system cannot boot from /dev/sdb.
This is due the lack of installation of GRUB on /dev/sdb mbr.


I Issued a grub2-install /dev/sdb without touching the grub config and
the system was able to boot also with the first disk pulled out.

I'm going to open a bug for this. Of course i'm not sure the
workarounds i described are reliable enough.

Yes please, open a bugreport. Your work-arounds look good to me, but
they're less important. Judging by the lack of response to your
postings here, very few people are installing onto RAID1.

Per Jessen, Zürich (4.4°C) - free DNS hosting, made in Switzerland.

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