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Re: [opensuse] Root and boot partitions on a sw raid volume (opensuse 12.2 - 12.3 rc1 64bit)

I think every system with a sw raid configuration should have also

the boot partition on top of  a raid1 volume. I don't think to have
an uncommon partition layout...

I agree.

Why so?

Due to harddisk prices, I think RAID configurations are quite common.

I agree. Nowadays with low cost sata disks and software raid a simple
workstation can easily have a reasonably safe raid configuration

I use RAID to protect my data. I use a separate backup image
to protect my system. I confess I'm also influenced by the apparent
difficulties in setting up and maintaining bootable RAIDs.

I guess it might depend on your goals when using RAID.

I only have one - availability/up-time.

Backup is for recovery from file system corruption or accidental deletion of
Raid is against hardware failure and gives you a running system immediately
after a disk failure...if you can properly boot!

Nowadays I don't think setting up and maintaining a bootable RAID is so
difficult. Most of the major distros allow you to setup raid while installing
without any special tricks (i'm personally using it on redhat based distros
since 2008), for this reason i'm so surprised that opensuse apparently does not
support it.

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