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[opensuse] Seasoned Linux user but new to openSUSE

I am testing openSUSE 12.2 KDE in a VM in Virtualbox on my host
distribution PCLinuxOS. The VM specs for openSUSE: RAM 3584 MB, video
maxed out at 128MB, virtual hard disk 16GB. According to the specs on
one of the openSUSE sites this is more than enough to run the
distribution properly. openSUSE runs painfully slow in this setup. I
find that very strange because I also set up a guest install of
PCLinuOS as a VM with the same VM specs and I setup Debian in a VM
with the same specs. Those two both run as fast as the host. I am not
running all of them at the same time. I run one at a time. I have
plenty of hardware resources to run one at a time and very
efficiently. That is why I don't understand it being slow. I can run
windows 2000 in the VM and then run AutoDesk CAD software which is a
major resource hog in that VM and it runs fast. A computer running CAD
software needs the same heavy resources that a hardcore gamer runs to
play their 3D games.

I have discovered that all three Linux distributions have very
different behavior when first setup such as the guest additions.
openSUSE guest additions just worked without any installing or
configuring required. PCLinuxOS required manual install and some
simple configuration and Debian required a lot of things to be
installed before the guest additions could be installed and then some
complicated configuration before the guest additions worked.

Setting the time, time zone and configuring NTP is very slow and the
settings for the hardware clock on/off UTC keeps changing back to on
UTC between boots. Is there something I can do to get openSUSE to stop
changing that setting? Can't run it with UTC on in a VM because the VM
uses the host software clock as the hardware clock for the VM.

Also running the package manager to install or just do the updates it
wants to do is very slow. Is there anything I can do to solve this?

Like I said the other two distributions running in VMs run fast. I
don't get why this one doesn't.

I am sure this distribution will perform much better installed on real
hardware and not in a VM environment. I could very easily start using
this one a long side my other ones. I have some ideas where this one
could be a better fit than the others.

I convert MS windows users to Linux and I don't always set up the same
distribution for everyone. I use three flavors now and this would be
number 4.

Thanks for any help getting this figured out.
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