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Re: [opensuse] own environment variables in init scripts
Meike Stone said the following on 03/05/2013 09:45 AM:

So I'm in the same situation as the colleagues you mention.
I only get the end result of what the 'automated sysadmin' that is the
scripts behind cPanel sets. I don't have the authority to alter the
vhosts.d/* entries for the various domains and services
I've set up using cPanel.

My colleagues have the permission to do that, they deliver their own
"vhost" configfile for the vhost,
one restriction is, not to use absolute path names, instead use this
environment variables,
to give me the possibility, to change this if necessary.

No, its not quite the same.
Your developers submit a request.
As you say, you can change it.
From the POV of the Apache config it should be absolute.

At worst, you might have to have a installation script that converts the
MACRO - not an environment variable - into an absolute value.

Once you stop calling it an environment variable and think of it as a
'setting' (expressed as a macro) they you're going to have a problem you
can manage.

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