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Re: [opensuse] 10 days out - 12.3 recommendations
On Sunday 03 March 2013 01:58:48 pm John Andersen wrote:
I'm running 12.3rc2 is a virtual machine, but am planning to redo my main
laptop in 12.3 when its final. (Its currently hanging back at 11.4 waiting
for 12.3).

So the same question that comes up every time I look at re-basing my
machine: Nuke and fresh install or Upgrade in place?

With that many releases between refreshes my gut reaction is to nuke it
and start over, but I just wanted to bounce it off you guys in case the
in-place upgrade process has improved over time.

The machine is my primary traveler and absolute must host VmWare.

Nothing spectacular about this Dell 9400 laptop, it has an aging Radeon and
a big enough disk. Its been spectacularly reliable over the years.

---This space for rent---

If /home is in a separate partition and there is room for more than one "/"
partitions in your hard drive(s), I would recommend that you test everything
in a *spare* partition that is used for / and has no separate home partition.
a 12-15gb partition would probably be all you need, unless you have some huge
apps. You can install your current os there, add your critical apps and
test the update there, and, BEFORE you try it in the working /home
partition, go to your /home and backup all the hidden directories of all the
users you have. If you do that, it is just a small chore to go back to the
old system if trouble arises. I used that approach in a 2tb drive and now it
has suse 11.1, 11.4,12.1 and 12.3 in it, all doing well.
btw, 12.3 seems to be just fine. it is running well for me in both kde3 and
kde4, but it will be a while before i abandon my true workhorse 11.4/kde3, my
most complete system so far...
good luck,

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