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Re: [opensuse] Curious about Yast2 Partitioner
On 3/4/2013 10:39 AM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
So my question is this - Why, when there is a tool that is so much more
capable, open sourced and freely available, is Yast2 sticking to
using such a brain dead partitioning tool? Why not yank that tool out of Yast
and replace it with GParted?

Whoa, wall of text to get to this...

I think it is because most users partition exactly once, often taking the
Gparted is mostly used for complex tasks such as growing/moving partitions,
even though it
can handle the mundane easily. Its probably not warranted for 90% of the users,
when you DO need it you are always always booting with a rescue CD anyway.

The user experience with yast2 is not all that bad if you ask me. And getting
Gparted to
look and flow with the rest of Yast2 would be a lot of work for very little
I suspect there would be a lot of integration effort.

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