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Re: [opensuse] CINELERRA for 12.2 x86_64
On Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:15:06 +1100
Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are there any Cinelerra users reading this list or can you answer
these vexing questions for me, please?

In YaST the latest installable version of Cinelerra is 2.2CV - and I
have it installed. However, on the site I see that
there is version 4.4 released.

There are 2 versions, original at and
community version CinelerraCV more at .

My questions therefore are:

1. Has anyone compiled this 4.4 version for oS 12.2 AMD64 from source
tar.xz - and perhaps the rpm is available in one of those private
repos on

Search will not give you option to look home repos. It did before, but
today search for Cinelerra did not list any home repos.

Not many need that kind of software and as you can see from CinelerraCV
they are trying to produce version that will work with modern
libraries. The original uses its own versions.

2. I have downloaded the source code for 4.4 but wonder if it is safe
to simply use the instructions given in the tar file to compile it
(ie, just run '/.cinlelerra'?

The tar.xz is for Ubuntu, so it probably needs adjustment.

First is to run ./configure to prepare local compilation.

And, the first message is:
*** Yasm is required.
Giving up and going to a movie.

Good. :)

# zypper in yasm gcc-c++ zlib-devel

Configure script is buggy, or I missed some message, or gcc in 12.2 is
too strict.

During compilation it will complain about missing png.h, which is in
either libpng12 or libng14. I installed libpng14-devel, and it passed
that point, but later gave a bunch of errors about uninitialized
variables, strange castings, and then fail on make missing ogg target.
Taking number and type of errors, there is small chance it will run
even if it would finish compilation.

In other words it will not compile with openSUSE without someone with
serious time on hands, and skills to fix the code.

Regards, Rajko.
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