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Re: [opensuse] Router firewall vs openSUSE firewall
On 28/08/12 15:59, James Knott wrote:
Bob Williams wrote:
Some time ago I looked at /var/log/messages and was amazed to see
someone was running a script to try and get through port 22. Of course,
sshd rejected every attempt, but it prompted me to move ssh to a
different port.

Changing port numbers doesn't buy you a lot of security. On the other
hand, using public/private keys provides much more security than
passwords. Access to my network is via ssh or vpn only. so those are
the only things I have to allow through my firewall.

Well, we're drifting off topic here, but yes, my ssh connections are all
done with passwordless logins using public/private key pairs.

Now, about letting minidlna traffic through my oS firewall...

Bob Williams
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"release 555"
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