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Re: [opensuse] connecting my telephone to the internet
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 07:48:04 +0200
  • Message-id: <k174ik$et6$>
Hans Witvliet wrote:

On Thu, 2012-08-23 at 20:45 +0200, Per Jessen wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

On 2012-08-23 17:42, Per Jessen wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

The provider could be just a local asterisk.

Yes, but connected to the internet, and known to other servers
outside. Not trivial.

To make calls on the internet, the asterisk server does need an
internet connection, but
it doesn't need to be known to other servers. It is actually
fairly trivial :-)

Making calls to somebody else registered on another server?
Normally any sane asterisk will refuse an incoming call from
another asterisk that is unknown.

No it won't - it would never receive any external calls if it did.
Any SIP-client can call me at sip://per@xxxxxxxxx without my asterisk
server knowing about where it comes from other than it's IP-address.

afaicr, that is configurable in asterisk.

Yes, it has to be configured to accept and route inbound calls.

You can set that * will refuse incoming call's from hosts that did not
register before.

Yes, I'm sure that is possible, but why would I want to do that? It
would be a bit like saying I only want POTS calls from people I know?

Normally voip soft/hardphones should register on your asterisk,
and your asterisk should register at your VOIP-provider.

Well, we've been running Asterisk for five years as the local
phone-system, without a VoIP provider. The external lines are still
ISDN, but we accept inbound calls over the internet too. Although I
don't think anyone has ever tried that :-)

Per Jessen, Zürich (19.8°C)

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