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[opensuse] how to update iso image of opensuse releases to the latest (fixed) packages that had been released ever since gold status?
Good day,

I would like to actually advocate for opensuse releasing updated iso
images of their opensuse versions after gold status, similar to debian
with their r1 r2 r3 rx... releases after their initial r0 of a major

Why? I remember and experienced myself a great many of bugs that
affect upgradability and give endless troubles (for example say hello
to perl bootloader packages and other crazy stuff).
As until so far, opensuse never releases (I think there was one
incident in the past when a vanilla iso got rebuilt because of a
serious showstopper bug in the gold media) updated iso files, so no
matter how long I wait after a gold of a release and even if I read
the often endless bugreports on really serious bugs (with e.g
bootloaders, grub, raid1 systemss and many other really pretty bugs
(according to my understanding of what a basic system would need to
provide for in terms of usability and stability), I will always have
to cope with these bugs (maybe long fixed with updates though) and
read through bugreports and understand workarounds and fixes, and I
often had to use rescue systems to chroot/boot into messed up
nonbooting systems and fix stuff so often. So I really really would
like to integrate especially these fundamental fixes into the opensuse

If opensuse is limited and cant to updated rX versions of their
releases, please can anyone tell me how I take the packages from the
/update/ repository (what files exactly? index files? simply add the
update folder in some way to the iso image, or can I actually really
replace the preexisting older versioned rpm inside the iso?) to the
precompiled iso images of vanilla opensuse?

Maybe some others think of this situation expressed here, as worthy to
be tackled and maybe opensuse could also come up with a concept of
patch integration into release media and doing updated enhanced
revisions of major releases as well.

Thanks for explanations and helping.
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