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Re: [opensuse] NFS root access
On 21/08/12 15:44, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2012-08-21 at 11:02 +0100, Dave Howorth wrote:
lynn wrote:
On 21/08/12 11:03, Dave Howorth wrote:
lynn wrote:
I need the root user to be able to write to the share.
Very bad idea.

Maybe, maybe not. The options you want in exports is no_root_squash.

/data/docs *,root_squash)

I have a ssh workaround where I access the server instead of mounting
the share
Better idea.

Seems pretty much the same to me.

Google for the whys and wherefores and consider changing your system
design instead of opening a root hole.
OK. Give us a clue.
Google is the clue.

Google is a massive time sink of sifting through loads of crap; when
the question could just be answered via the list.

Hi everyone.

maybe I should explain a little more.

I have a Samba4 DC on one box and a Samba3 (for m$ boxes) and NFS file server (for openSUSE boxes) on another. When I create a new user on the DC, I want to be able to prepare the home directory I have specified in LDAP on the file server. To be able to do that, I could create the user account on the DC and then physically move to the fileserver and create his home directory that way. But hey. . . As far as I can see, the only user who has access to the directories where I need to create is root. The nfs and ssh examples are the other two alternatives I've come up with. If you know a better way than any of these three methods then please share them. As Adam says, it's time consuming and many of the Kerberized NFS articles out there are either wrong and/or outdated.
L x

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