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Re: [Summary/Solved] Re: [opensuse] Partition Recovery? Is it even missing to begin with or just shifted?
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On 2012-08-13 05:50, David C. Rankin wrote:
So, I won't do it, but what your are saying is I could zero sectors 20-63 on
the drive, reboot,
and essentially have the original disk back with the correct partition
numbering and a virus
somewhere in the restored sda1 waiting to strike again -- right?

Yes and no, because sda2 would still be sda2, the numbers do not shift down.

The partition table is in fact a table (with four lines and fixed size and
position), which task
is simply to point to the start and end of space in the disk assigned to each
partition. Erasing
sectors 1..63 erase the contents of the partition, but not the partition
itself. For that you need
to use partitioning software to reassign, ie, to rewrite the table.

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