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[opensuse] Re: Thunderbird and IMAP
John Andersen wrote:
On 8/12/2012 6:06 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:

Now days, the newer services off all, (you can use Google can't you?)
but the majority of users with longer term ISP accounts are on POP.... from every
user I've ever helped and every end-user account FAQ I ever read -- all were pop

I wonder if you are taking into account all the corporate exchange out there
as well as the stupendous number of gmail addresses and yahoo addresses.
I did say Pre gmail..

No...did not include Corporate Exchange clients as openSuSE is
not a corporate produce and TB doesn't (AFAIK) support exchange that
I know of (I only see configs for POP/IMAP in mine).

Gmail: 425 million as of June 28th, 2012
Yahoo! Mail was the second largest web-based email service with 310
Neither of those are a protocol.

Gmail supports POP3(S), IMAP(S), and webmail.

Yahoo... webmail and POP3(S) that I'm aware of(my parents are saddled
with a provider who uses yahoo mail and they don't have an imap option).

If you have webmail...and use it that way, then talking about reading it
through Thunderbird is a bit irrelevant, is it not? Or am I missing
your point?

In both of the above, if you use webmail, you use a browser and
a local email client doesn't usually enter into it, so I'm not counting
webmail access -- only those services used by the public / end-users
that provide some email download service to a local client where the
local client can store the messages (not and as "save as webpage...)...

Does that clarify my statement?

I will easily admit that webmail usage probably exceeds pop3
email usage these days, BUT, this is about Thunderbird and IMAP -- neither
having to do with the webmail usage.

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