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Re: [opensuse] rename sda2->sda1, sda3->sda2 (was: Partition Recovery? ...)
On 2012/08/13 23:38 (GMT-0500) David C. Rankin composed:

I delete sda1 in fdisk and linux continues to boot fine, but the partitions
are still:

What is the best way to rename sda2->sda1, sda3->sda2?

The names are assigned according to the physical position of the entry in the partition table. "Best" is probably a matter of personal preference.

1-use a sector editor and move the entries yourself
2-non-destructive delete, then recreate, at same sizes and positions as originally
3-use a partitioning utility that will rearrange the entries according to the logical disk layout or your personal preference. I have to do this with an eSATA HD that has EXT2 and NTFS partitions alternately used by STBs that only recognize one or the other of the two types, and only if it is the first entry in the partition table. The EXT2 is physically first, but I give it the second entry and the NTFS the first when necessary so that the brain dead STB can use the M$ format.
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