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Re: [opensuse] hardware frequency modules
On 08/11/2012 11:26 PM, Dennis Gallien wrote:

Your cpu's clock is 3200 (unless you have a Blackie and have changed it).
Less than that and differences between cores indicates that AMD Cool'N'Quiet -
power throttingly - is enabled, otherwise all cores will run at the configured
clock. If the kernel cannot load the cpufreq (power throttling) modules it
usually means Cool'N'Quiet is disabled in BIOS or that the processor model
cannot be correctly read. You don't say why the oem heatsink/fan "didn't
work", but you may have done something that caused the board to revert to
different BIOS settings. Make sure that the BIOS is seeing the processor model
correctly and the Cool'N'Quiiet is enabled; the BIOS will also tell you the
actual (max) clock.

That was it - I had unknowingly disabled Cool'N'Quiet at some point. I don't remember doing it, but I must have done it when I was messing around with making the BIOS do a fast boot, somewhat at the same time as when I had installed and tested the new fan.

I have enabled it now in the BIOS, and I have my CPUFreq modules loaded and my system load viewer is showing variable speed again.

Thanks for the help!!

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