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Re: [opensuse] Installing multiple operating systems on same HDD
2012. augusztus 11. 15:41 napon Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> írta:

I don't want to use VirtualBox or VMWare. I have a 1TB HDD which is
crammed full of empty and unused space. I want to put this space to some
use by playing around with more than one systems and distros.

I have created (for now) following partitions on this HDD (sda):

sda2 Extended partition
sda6 swap
sda7 (For oS 12.1)
sda8 (For os 12.1 - just for the heck of it)

Now, XP of course has its boot sitting in MBR and GRUB in openSUSE 12.2
is using Extended Partition to boot.

Before I go and install oS 12.1 in sda7 I would like to know where do I
tell GRUB to boot from - extended partition, just like oS 12.2, or do I
use the 12.1 "/" entry for Grub's configuration? If I use the Extended
Partition will it overwrite whatever is there for the 12.2 installation?

I am asking because I don't want to spend hours recovering my 12.2
system if I mess the setup in Grub for 12.1. I've looked around but
cannot find an unambiguous description of what to use for the 12.1 Grub
except that one should not use the MBR (and not only because XP is


I always chainload all my different operation systems.
In practice this looks like when you turn on the machine it
offers a grub or lilo (or other) boot loader menu where you
can choose which system to boot. If the chosen one is linux
then it directs to another boot loader where you can select from
kernel versions or failsafe mode etc. In case of Windows
it is booted directly (at leas in my case).

Have a look at this message / thread:


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