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Re: [opensuse] Separate /usr?
Dave Howorth said the following on 08/09/2012 09:55 AM:
Anton Aylward wrote:
We can clearly identify thing like /usr/share which seem to have been
designed to be shared in this way. Logically at least even non-think
machines can share that resource.

Not sure what a 'non-think' machine is, but certainly machines with
different hardware architectures can share those directories.

sorry: typo - "non-THIN". You recall I had been discussing 'thin clients'

There may be development libraries
which it is easier to keep updated at a single point: /usr/lib/ruby, or
if you are obsessive many of the library directories under /usr/lib.

IMHO, it is better to keep local copies of libraries, mainly for
performance reasons. In the case of development libraries there are
likely to be different versions in dev, test & production and careful
and comprehensive version management should be in place.

When I'm deal with large institutional clients I address the problems
differently from SMBs and one man shops. Not everyone had a dedicated
IT department, a dedicated ITIL trained staff, a dedicated InfoSec
department and trained staff, and so forth.

As I keep saying

Context is Everything

There may also be shared resources like corporate cryptographic keys.

And you want to trust those to NFS :) You're avvin a larf, aincha?

Oh most certainly.
At home. On my server.
So when I take my laptop or smartphone or pad away the key stays at
home. And no it can't be accessed by wifi and no it can't be accessed
by NFS other than from a known machine (MAC) after mounting the crypto
partition with 34 character passphrase that is not recorded anywhere.

Go on, laugh.

All articles that coruscate with resplendence are not truly auriferous.
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