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Re: [opensuse] Separate /usr?
Anton Aylward wrote:
We can clearly identify thing like /usr/share which seem to have been
designed to be shared in this way. Logically at least even non-think
machines can share that resource.

Not sure what a 'non-think' machine is, but certainly machines with
different hardware architectures can share those directories.

There may be development libraries
which it is easier to keep updated at a single point: /usr/lib/ruby, or
if you are obsessive many of the library directories under /usr/lib.

IMHO, it is better to keep local copies of libraries, mainly for
performance reasons. In the case of development libraries there are
likely to be different versions in dev, test & production and careful
and comprehensive version management should be in place.

There may also be shared resources like corporate cryptographic keys.

And you want to trust those to NFS :) You're avvin a larf, aincha?
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