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Re: [opensuse] Re: Thunderbird - losing email (archive stops 2010, inbox empty before 5/2011)
Am 05.08.2012 03:43, schrieb Linda Walsh:
Seems like there is a bug in Tbird not allowing selection of IMAP only
folder that can hold messages and folders (from my quick skim).

? I use IMAP folders which have messages and subfolders. Not sure what
you mean.

The tbird folks have not proven very IMAP friendly over the years...
with defaults like downloading the IMAP store to local storage
on windows to the user's "roaming profile", and then having most
of their features only work for local content.

Thunderbird is known to support IMAP very well compared to many other
MUAs. The reason to download all mail by default is offline usability
and local indexing

They never got that many IMAP servers had search abilities that run
quite a bit quicker than a javascript-searches--and that IMAP
servers were really like file-systems -- not something to downloaded
like POP mail that they predominantly dealt with...

IMAP has search capabilities indeed. But how many do have full text
search with an index by default? Perform a remote IMAP full text search
on an IMAP server without a full text index and compare the speed with
local TB search performance.
That said if your personal IMAP server has a full text search
index/engine feel free to disable the TB index and disable the fetching
of all IMAP mail if you do not need it on the road.
Not sure where there is _bad_ IMAP support involved here.

I never had mail loss with Thunderbird (not caused by myself) since
around 10 years with different IMAP servers.
That does not mean that there might be some issue hiding somewhere in
some situations where something could happen though.

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