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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird - losing email (archive stops 2010, inbox empty before 5/2011)
On 08/01/2012 12:19 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:

This is potentially critical and I hope it is just because I am doing
something wrong in tbird 14. The server is postifx, the mta is dovecot, the
mailbox is imap.

I was searching for some critical emails from March and April 2011. Checking
my inbox, there are no messages prior to 5/31/2011. WTF? So I then looked in
"archive" folder expecting to find them - nothing. There is nothing in
since 12/12/2010. There is another folder called "Archive", but it has nothing
in it.

Checking the Settings -> Copies & Folders under Message Archives, I have the

[x] Keep messages archives in:
o "Archives" Folder on Rankin Law Firm
Archive options...
When archiving messages, place them in:
o Yearly archived folders
[x] Keep existing folder structure of archived messages

Checking the actual mail files on the server in ~/Mail, I have an "archive"
showing the date of "May 18 2011 archive". However, when I look at the
in tbird there is nothing shown from 12/12/10 on and nothing in my inbox
5/31/11. So where is all the mail from 12/12/10-5/31/11?

I cannot express the enormity and implications of a potential loss like
Apparently the mail is still in the "archive" file, but not displayed in the
"archive" folder of tbird?

How do I get the mail back?

Is there any way a hostname change could have caused tbird to lose messages when
attempting to move to an archive? Also, I access this sever from several
different computers. Looking at the thunderbird server settings, they are
different. One install was configured to archive in 'archive' another was
configured to archive in 'Archive'. Since this is imap, what would the server do
when confronted with this difference? If it doesn't gracefully handle this
somehow, then that is a huge data integrity bug. Also, I've never messed with
the archive location, was there a tbird default change from 'Archive' to
'archive' at some point? I'll check, but if anybody knows, feel free to chime

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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