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Re: [opensuse] Why does the 'apper' app not show what it is downloading?
Op 17-07-12 05:05, Rajko schreef:
On Sun, 15 Jul 2012 19:31:46 +0200
OddBall <monkey9@xxxxxx> wrote:

Ah, ok, 'just' a frontend...
Yes :)

"Just" a very visible application that looks like "my first program"
bringing openSUSE and KDE a lot of unwanted publicity, where your
observation about lack of feedback is the mildest one.


Now that you know that lack of features and almost all errors are due
to midleware that connects libzypp to PackageKit, which is source of
information for Apper, you understand that guys that work on package
management in SUSE (libzypp, YaST, zypper, WebYaST and whatnot), could
help a bit more with that midleware so that Apper and KDE in openSUSE
look a bit more professional.

If they are aware that they can, maybe they will...
It took a few versions, but look at what already works:

It finds updates;
It shows updates;
It shows the rootpassword dialog, and more important: It accepts the password, and continues the task: Solves deps, Downloading.. (something...)
And installing, visible what;
Checks deps, and finishes.
In between it asks permission, or offers a choice to show something or not.
Then there is a not so elegant solution to close the window.

So, it gets the job done.
I think, when it shows what it is downloading, it will be almost ready.
Maybe some cosmetic changes will make it more attractive: Dynamic window, dependable of what it shows, button to close.

What would be consequence?
openSUSE and their downstream (SLES and SLED) will look a bit better.

And users that use 'cheaper' but newer versions of oS, will have a better looking, and working, 'gui' updater.. 8-)


Have a nice day,


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