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[opensuse] correction (samba 3.6.3 build incompat w/rpms it builds + deleted manpages) (was Re: openSUSE flaunting GPL)
Linda Walsh wrote:
Seems like openSUSE doesn't bother to include sources anymore for
building their packages.

I apologize for my mis-assumptions.

I never would have guessed that if one had installed the packages from
just built samba-3.6.3, that it would no longer build.

By installing the devel packages, samba builds support for ldb and tdb.

When the build is run, it creates the ldb support functions in the
lib64 dir, not the lib64/ldb/* directory where they are placed when you don't
the devel packages installed. Thus the build would fail.

Additional failures encountered... noticed that samba tried to use
libunwind to give sensible stack dumps, but this doesn't work on openSuSE, as
openSuSE disables static builds and part of libunwind (libunwind-ptrace.a) is
build statically.

The following documentation and manpages are produced during the build
if you have the packages installed. They are deleted by openSuSE:

ldbedit.1, ldbmodify.1, ldbrename.1, ldbdel.1, ldbsearch.1, ldbadd.1, ldb.3

(note tdbdump is still there, but info on how to restore is deleted, along with
the ldb tools documentation (though the tools are still available -- they just
have no documentation installed with them).


I do not consider the above 'normal'... to install what you have built
and then
not be able to build it?.... This is why I suggested building with such things installed
so they could be turned off in the build options if that is desired.

As for why documentation is deleted on included utilities?
It's not like I'd be cynical and think it had something to do with wanting to
bury functionality.... Especially the ability to restore tdb dumps? Seems
a bit mistaken?

I.e. is it intentional to delete user documentation? I have noticed a trend
where man pages no longer return information but tell you to go
read some vague user-manual, but not really giving you a pointer to the info
you need...

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